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We craft narrative for brands with a purpose and make sure your story is heard by all the right people.


We build your sustainability scenario and transform your marketing communications.


We give your business the Feel Good factor and work together to make a genuine difference

to the planet, our people and your bottom line.

Forest Trees

The Feel Good Business was founded in 2007 by Kristine Nudds, whose passion for ideas that make the world a better place moved her away from a long career in public relations in London to injecting some ‘feel good’ spirit into companies across Hong Kong and Asia.


Today, we are dedicated to working with companies in Hong Kong who want to make a positive difference.


We understand the challenges that businesses face in the current environment and have a knack for balancing environmental and social responsibility with practical, results-driven solutions.  We are obsessed with helping to develop and share your purpose-driven feel good story with all the right people.


We have enthusiasm, drive, creativity and a passion for ideas that will leave a positive mark on this planet!

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